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Birger Sandzén

In Estes Park

1871 - 1954

" was in in 1922 that Birger Sandzén's star reached its zenith.  The American-Scandinavian Foundation sponsored a large exhibition of his work at the Babcock Galleries in New York.  Sandzen received enthusiastic critical reviews...."  The Foundation was ecstatic, and wired the artist to come to New York.  They offered to send a plane.  Sandzén's reply was "I am sorry. I have classes and cannot leave."

Southwest Art - April, 1983

"The art of Birger Sandzen is beautifully adapted to the interpretation of the American Rocky Mountains.  Our Rockies are stark, strong, ruthless things....  Birger Sandzen knows the mood of nature.  He goes to it unafraid.  And comes back triumphant, capturing it, subduing it, translating it into human terms.  He grapples with its joy.  He translates its terror and dread without compromise, without understatement.

—William Allen White (see notables of OldEstes)

"In Sandzén's biographies it often says something like:  'His style was after van Gogh.'  This always caused the teacher-artist to chuckle and point out that he did not see a van Gogh until 1924."

Southwest Art - April, 1983

Sandzen's Studio in Estes Park Colorado

Listed Davenports, Dawdy's, Mallett's Who's Who

Birger Sandzén was born in Sweden in 1871. He studied art in Stockholm and Paris, and at the age of twenty-three came to Lindsborg, Kansas.  He remained in the United States the rest of his life, most spent in Lindsborg. He died in 1954, at the age of eighty-three.

Like many great artists, Sandzén was multifaceted.  He spoke six languages, including Latin, and sang solos with the nationally famous Bethany Oratorio Group

Sandzén spent a great deal of time in the Estes Park area (see A Mountain Studio below), and produced many works in oils, watercolor and prints from this area.  He served as a guest art instructor at the Broadmoor Art Academy (later the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center), the Denver Chappell House School of Art, Utah State College, and the University of Michigan.

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Mountain Lake - Rocky Mountain National Park -
OldEstes Collection


OldEstes Collection

Linoleum Block Print - 1921

A Mountain Studio - OldEstes Collection

This is the studio where Sandzen came to paint in Estes Park.  It is a beautiful old building, and still has many of the furnishings and features from that time.

Lake at Sunset - The Sandzen Memorial Gallery

Mountain Slope
Lithograph - 1925
Smaller gift litho with dedication.  Nicely custom matted & framed



9 x 12" Block Print - 1925


Whispering Aspens
Lithograph - 1935 One Edition of 100
Buff watermarked paper





10 1/16 x 14
Frida's Creek


Granite Banks

Lithograph - 1925
14 3/4 x 19 3/4" image

A copy is held by the British Museum, The National Museum in Stockholm, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art




The Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery

David Cook Fine Art



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