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Charles Partridge Adams
In Estes Park

1858 - 1942

Listed Davenports, Dawdy's, Mallett's Who's Who

CP Adams, the most famous and accomplished of the Colorado landscape artists often painted in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park as well as many other Colorado locations.  His paintings are much sought after, and command prices in the 4-5 digit range.

Adam's cabin "The Sketch Box" in Estes Park

Adams embellished the walls of "The Sketch Box" with his own work—Here is a detail from the south wall.

Adam's view of Long's Peak from "The Sketch Box"


Colorado Rockies Estes Park c1925
OldEstes Collection

CP_Adams_-_Moraine_Park.jpg (69084 bytes)
Moraine Park
CP Adams - Horshoe Park.jpg (8971 bytes)
CP Adams - Moraine Park more.jpg (20372 bytes)
Moraine Park
CP Adams - Longs Peak.jpg (8112 bytes)
CP Adams - Horseshoe Park smaller.jpg (73237 bytes)
Horseshoe Park


Steve Andreas CP Adams website.  Steve has a huge amount of information on CP Adams.  I have found him most helpful when questions arise.

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