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Dave Stirling
In Estes Park


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1887 or 1889 (accounts differ) - 1971

"Well, when the old gent with the scythe and whiskers catches up with this guy, he will be puffing and blowing and will say "Gosh almighty boy, you sure led me a merry chase."
—Dave Stirling 1968


“Let whoever wants to be the world's greatest painter; I want to be its favorite painter.” Dave aims to paint for the people for whom Robert Burns wrote poetry, for whom Henry Ford makes cars, to whom Bing Crosby sings.
—Grace Pagano, Fine Arts Director of Encyclopedia Britannica


The Studio at "Bugscuffle Ranch" 1955

—Photo courtesy Bill Christy


—Photo courtesy Greig Steiner

Portrait of Dave Art is Long and Time is Fleeting

By Dave's Associate Artist Greig Steiner


Greig is shown below outside the Stirling Studio with one of Dave's pallettes ca 1964, and painting Dave's portrait

—Photos courtesy Greig Steiner


Dave & son Jack Stirling
Jack Stirling always said he'd die "with his boots on".  A diabetic, he collapsed and died on the dance floor of the Riverside Ballroom in Estes Park.

—Photo courtesy Dave Schutz

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Dave Stirling came from Corydon Iowa to Estes Park in 1915, and painted in Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park for over 50 years.  He had a studio and home, which he called the Bugscuffle Ranch, just inside the Park on the Horseshoe Park side.

Dave loved to spin tales and charm his potential patrons at many of the grand old lodges in Rocky Mountain National Park.  He spent a great deal of time in the bars and nightclubs of the grand old hotels in the park, where he would hold court evenings (sometimes from the piano), and provide "local color" for the tourists.  Many of these folks would stop by his studio the next day to buy some of that local color.

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Items For Sale(all measurements are less frame)


Got a few new Stirlings in...you'll like them, they're quality works.


Winter's Day


Oil on artist's board

approx 24 x 36"

in striking good but not perfect period frame

Iowa Woods


Oil on artist's board

approx 24 x 30"

in striking good but not perfect period frame

Early "Potboiler"


Oil on artist board approximately 20 x 30" in new custom frame.

Snowy Afternoon


Oil on Artist Board approx 18 x 24" in new custom frame.



Untitled earlier oil on canvas approx 16 x 20" in striking good, but not perfect period frame.

Untitled Autumn Scene


16 x 20" Oil on Artist Board in Original Frame

Alpenglow SOLD

24 x 30" oil on artist board

Dream Lake SOLD

30 x 36" oil on artist board

Rainy Sunset SOLD

11 x 14" oil on artist board

OldEstes Collection (Not for Sale)

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Interesting Footnote:

In the June 8, 1949 issue of the Estes Park Trail, there was reference to Dave as "Peyote Pete".  Whether this was a typo, or something more interesting is lost to the ages.  Greig Steiner, Dave's associate did not recall any reference Dave made to himself in this way.  He only remembered "Pye Eyed Pete", which Dave used in his books, The Dude Dictionary and Rocky Mountainia



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