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Enos (Abijah) Mills
Enos Mills
In Estes Park

1870 - 1922

Born in 1870, in Kansas, Enos was a sickly child whose parents eventually sent him to Estes Park with the hope that his health would improve there.  He stayed in Estes Park at the ranch of his relative Elkhanah Lamb.  Carlyle Lamb took Enos on his first climb up Long’s Peak, and taught him the craft of the mountain guide.

During his stay, he spent much time wandering the area, and picked a spot across from the ranch to build a small cabin, which he finished in two summers.  This is now a museum run by the Mills descendents (see below for a link to their website).

Enos bought the Lamb ranch and renamed it the Long’s Peak Inn where hundreds of tourists stayed comfortably over the years  He guided many of his visitors up Long’s Peak, and made hundreds of trips to the top during his lifetime.

Mills met John Muir in 1889 on a trip to San Francisco, and established a friendship.  Muir had an enormous impact on Mills life.  During the off season, he traveled around the country promoting conservation, and setting aside areas for future generations.  It was on one of these lecture tours that he met Esther his wife to be.  Mills is widely credited with being the “father of Rocky Mountain National Park”, established in 1915.

Enos Mills:  With Snowshoes - at Long's Peak Inn - With Camera

"The last season of my guiding career was a full one.  Thirty-two ascents [of Long's Peak] were made during the thirty-one days of August.  Half a dozen of these were by moonlight...I was in excellent shape when the guiding ended."

–Enos Mills

The Long's Peak Inn in 1911 (Photo by L.C. McClure)

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