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Photographers of Old Estes Park

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Fred Payne Clatworthy

Clatworthy - Front Range smaller.jpg (55923 bytes)
Front Range - Hand Tinted B&W Image - OldEstes Collection

WH Jackson - First View of Estes Park smaller.jpg (64620 bytes)
First View of Estes Park - 1879 - OldEstes CollectionC Taber - Longs Peak 1893 Smaller.jpg (49027 bytes)
Long's Peak - ca. 1893 - OldEstes Collection
William Henry Jackson


  L. C. McClure
Black Canyon from Mall Road
Enos Mills - From Somervilla smaller.jpg (53459 bytes)
Front Range - OldEstes Collection
Enos Mills
Harry Landis Standley Standley - Bear Lake smaller.jpg (65047 bytes)
Longs Peak & Bear Lake - OldEstes Collection
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