An Insider’s Look
at The 50th Anniversary Celebration

By Greig Steiner


“…Ann and I were the ones who organized it.  We kept the whole thing a secret from Dave, even though we advertised it in newspapers from coast to coast and in foreign lands.  Dave always took a nap after lunch, so when he went in at lunch time we had trucks standing in line down the road from the gallery bringing food, flowers, a beer truck was sent up by Coors with tap beer.  We ran hoses in through the window of the studio from the truck so it could be kept cold, and served it, along with champagne.


People flew here from all over the world to attend.  There were about 250 people there and those who couldn't come sent huge and gorgeous flower arrangements and congratulatory cards and letters.  I did the large sheepskin (with gold leaf) and had it signed by the governor for him.  The National Park Service sent reps from Washington, Senators and Representatives, the mayor of his home town and other dignitaries appeared from under every rock.


Someplace we have some pictures of the event.  He was so surprised and blown away by the whole thing that he didn't touch a paint brush for the rest of the year.  He spent his time touring around and telling about "THE EVENT".  It was really fun.”